Calendula Petals - Giving Your Skin A Natural Glow

Calendula Petals - Giving Your Skin A Natural Glow

With their bright yellow flowers, calendulas having been growing in Europe for centuries. They are part of the Marigold family and sometimes are known simply as marigolds or Pot Marigold. Native to Egypt, you’ll now find them throughout the world. Calendulas are even used in vegetable gardens as an organic insect repellent.

Great for Your Skin

Calendula petals are rich in anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, making them ideal for soothing and healing your skin. They can make a great natural alternative to common skin lotions you’ll find in your local supermarket or chemist. Even more, calendula can help improve your skin health and resolve skin conditions. One study found that calendula can help relieve pain from dermatitis experienced by women undergoing radiation treatment for breast cancer. That’s something to really celebrate! Also, calendula petals may play a role in treating eczema, contact dermatitis and acne.

We love that there’s a natural way to improve your skin and that’s why we’ve added calendula to our special slim tea. We’ve added it to our tea for a full body detox – inside and out. Purifying and looking after your skin is just as important as looking after your digestive system, liver function and heart health. Not only will we love that you’ll feel more confident and better, but you’ll be free of the bad bacteria and fungi that can cause skin infections and conditions.

Just as importantly, calendula may help with wound healing. One study found by just using calendula every 8 hours for 5 days that there was a reduction in redness, swelling and bruising in the patients’ wounds. It found that it was beneficial to add calendula petals to standard care than just using standard care alone.

Treating Your Skin with Calendula Petals

The easiest way to experience the benefit of calendula petals is through calendula oil. This oil is made by infusing the petals into a carrier oil. Calendula oil can be applied directly to the skin or be used to create ointments, creams or salves. Alternatively, you can buy calendula as a tincture, tea or in capsules. While we love that calendula can help improve your skin, we recommend that you undertake a skin patch first to make sure you’re not allergic to any new skin products that you try.

Whether part of our Slim Tea or on its own, we hope you enjoy the benefits of these special petals and soon find that skin conditions are part of the past.


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