Loose Leaf Tea vs Tea Bags

Loose Leaf Tea vs Tea Bags

Loose Leaf Tea vs. Tea bags – Why we should all convert

We are halfway through 2019 and it’s time to accept that tea is the new coffee. It’s what everyone is drinking and is considered a healthy alternative to overdoing it on the caffeine… seems fair. However, we should really think about how we are drinking our tea. I mean, with this huge environmental, “save the turtles” campaign, we should really start to make the switch from tea bags to loose leaf tea. Here are the top 5 reasons as to why YOU should make the switch, today!

1. The most obvious and important reason… not all tea bags are eco-friendly!

While most tea bags are made of biodegradable paper, 20-30% are not. Not to mention, tea bags take up a LOT of paper. Especially now that the traditional, rectangular shape has been replaced with a rounder, more triangular shaped bag. Tea bags add to waste which is what we are trying to avoid with the climate change crisis that is affecting our planet. Luckily, loose leaf tea exists and is eco-friendly! So, if you are all about saving the planet, you should try out loose leaf tea.


2. Chemicals lurk in our tea bags! You have been warned.

It should come as no surprise that there would be chemicals in our tea bags. With any mass produce it is common to find nasty chemicals. However, it is our top leading brands here in Australia that have among the highest levels of pesticide contamination, and that’s just in the tea itself! In some cases, tea bags are bleached to look clean and white. WE CONSUME THAT. This is a vital sign that loose leaf tea will benefit your health in the long run.


3. Due to mass production, tea bags sit on the shelves collecting dust before they’re distributed!

This is no myth! Like any mass product, they can be sitting on shelves before being distributed. This means that you are drinking stale tea! Tea is a drink that is associated with relaxation and unwinding, and let’s face it, no one wants to have a stale brew after a stress-filled day. So, do yourself a favour and switch to loose leaf tea so that you have a soothing, fresh brew to enjoy after a bad day. It will make you feel a hundred times better!


4. The leaves in the bags are an issue in themselves, say goodbye to blandness!

Yes, you heard correctly. Apparently loose-leaf tea tastes better than tea bags because you can get all the different tastes and aromas! Due to the leaves being finely broken, the tea inside tea bags can lose their flavour and aromas which makes for a bland brew. Also, tea leaves need room to expand in order to disperse flavour. This is why we dunk the tea bag so often, to get a flavour filled cuppa. Loose leaf tea obviously doesn’t have that barrier and expands the flavour throughout the water with ease!


5. Loose leaf tea is just all round a better choice!

It has so many perks and healthy pros that make loose-leaf tea the better option. It has no chemicals or hidden nasties and it is full of flavour and aromas. So, if you are an experienced tea-drinker or just a beginner, get on to loose-leaf tea and literally taste the difference! Tea bags with milk and loads of sugar are simply not enough anymore! Let us know what loose-leaf tea you recommend that tastes great!

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