Schisandra Berry - The Fruit That Gives You Qi

Schisandra Berry - The Fruit That Gives You Qi

Used for generations in Chinese medicine, Schisandra berries can put a bring a spring back into your step. These purple-red berries are grown on a vine and contain the 5 distinctive tastes or flavours of Chinese medicine – sweet, salty, bitter, pungent and sour. That’s why these berries are also known as five flavour fruit. It’s the seeds of Schisandra berries that are most beneficial to our health. They contain lignans that may provide a protective effect from cancer and are a source of estrogen.

These berries aren’t usually eaten as a food but prescribed by practitioners as medicine across Asia and Russia. Chinese medicine practitioners believe Schisandra berries are beneficial to a person’s qi, or energy. Even more, they can have a positive impact on the body’s meridians or pathways. That’s why we’ve included them in our Slim Tea.

We love that Schisandra berries can help you get up and moving by giving you plenty of energy and endurance. They’re a great way to detox naturally while getting fit and healthy at the same time. Add to that, these berries, can boost your immune system, may prevent early aging and normalise blood pressure and blood sugar. It really may be an organic form of medicine!

According to, Schisandra may help increase resistance to disease. Its bioactive chemical compounds called Schisandrins can help treat liver disease (hepatitis) and protect your liver. These amazing berries may also help cleanse your liver by acting as an antioxidant and removing free radicals. No wonder they play such a central role in Chinese medicine and we use them in our special teas.

So, can Schisandra berries offer any other health benefits? This special fruit can help you with brain health. They may help your body resist the effects of anxiety and stress. More importantly, studies have found that Schisandrins have had a positive effect on Alzheimer’s disease. While this terrible disease may not affect you today, these special berries may help protect your brain health for the future.

Ready to get your qi back? Apart from finding these unique berries in our Beach Body Slim Tea, you can buy Schisandra berries as dried whole berries, a juice or in supplement form. Supplements can be purchased as a dried powder, tablet or an extract. With a few sips of our all-natural tea each day or with the help of a Schisandra supplement, we’re sure you’ll soon feel refreshed, revitalised and your very own special type of qi!

Just a special note. As Schisandra berries can be prescribed as a medicine, we suggest that you talk to your doctor before using products containing Schisandra berries or Schisandrins to seek medical advice.


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