Yerba Mate - A Natural Energy Drink with A Kick

Yerba Mate - A Natural Energy Drink with A Kick

If you haven’t heard of yerba mate yet, where have you been hiding? This South American drink has been getting plenty of buzz lately and is gaining popularity worldwide. It’s a herbal tea made from the leaves and twigs of the Ilex paraguariensis (or yerba mate) tree. You might know it by the name of Cimarrao. The yerba mate tree is an evergreen tree in the holly family. It grows 8 to 15 metres in height and is native to Paraguay, Uruguay, north eastern Argentina and southern Brazil.

Helping You Lose Weight and Keeping You Slim and Trim

Just like coffee and tea, yerba mate contains caffeine. It can help you feel more energised, less tired and improve your mental focus. The advantage of Yerba mate is that it will help you become more alert like with coffee but without its jittery side-effects. According to, yerba mate may help reduce fatigue when you’re working out and improve your performance by up to 5%. One study even found that 1 gram of yerba leaves just before exercise burned 24% more fat than moderate exercise. Yerba mate may even increase the amount of stored fat that you use for energy, decrease your total number of fat cells and improve your metabolism. No wonder our Beach Body Slim Tea can help you reach your weight loss goals!

Naturally Protecting You Against Infections and Inflammation

Yerba mate may just help you say goodbye to infections from bacteria, fungi and parasites. That includes dandruff, skin rashes and maybe even E. coli which causes food poisoning. Another study has found its compounds may help protect against intestinal parasites. To add, yerba mate contains saponins and vitamins C and E, selenium and zinc. Saponins are natural compounds that can help reduce inflammation. Together with small amounts of these vitamins and minerals, yerba mate may help you boost your immune system and detox your body so you can stay healthy.

Brewing Your Own Yerba Mate

You can drink yerba mate hot or cold. It can help you keep warm in winter and refreshed in summer. Simply place your yerba mate leaves in a pot and add hot (or cold) water. Don’t forget to use a strainer so you filter out the leaves when pouring your tea into a cup. It is often served with burnt sugar, lemon juice or milk. Alternatively, you can be tablets or capsule supplements.

With its weight loss, energy boosting and immune system benefits, we couldn’t help but add it to our Beach Body Slim Tea. We love its rich flavour and how it can help you become your best you!

Special Note: Yerba mate contains caffeine and for this reason is not safe for pregnant and lactating women. We suggest that you talk to your doctor before using products containing yerba mate to seek medical advice.


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