Why did we start?

Like 99% of Aussies we love the beach and we love life, so we thought, “why not build a company that sources only the best ingredients to help our customers look and feel their best?”

It’s basically summer all-year-round here, so our brand and product is designed to keep you feeling good enough to wear a bikini and head down to the beach no matter what the month or season. We don’t want you to dread the thought of stripping down to your swimmers but we also know that confidence and feeling like a straight 10 starts on the inside – and that’s how the idea for Beach Body Tea was born.

We felt there was a gap in the market for an honest, natural and truly beneficial tea that not only tasted great but had a world of great health benefits too. So we didn’t just online shop for a new bikini, we got to work with some awesome Australian naturopaths and our in-house fitness team and we produced a range of organic teas that have the potential to transform your life (not even exaggerating).

We truly believe that by combining our teas with a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise - we can provide the exact solution to achieving and maintaining the body, mind and lifestyle change you are chasing.

Why are our teas so good for you?

Oh we just love it when we get asked this question! It means we can boast about our amazing ingredient selection. Beach Body Tea is created using only the highest quality, organic and 100% natural ingredients, sourced from reputable locations across the world. We do not fill our teas with any additives, preservatives, laxatives or other yucky stuff like many other inferior tea brands do.So basically, that means you’ve got a product full of traditional herbs that have been proven to provide medicinal health benefits for hundreds to thousands of years. And all of that is packed into our delicious tea – need we say more?!


What are the benefits?

Each tea blend provides slightly different benefits. Check them out below:

  • Beach Slim Starter 14 day teatox detox program - benefits include weight loss, increased energy, less bloating, detoxification, enhanced mood, reduced fluid retention, a better functioning digestive system.
  • Beach Slim 28 day Slim tea detox Program – benefits include weight loss, increased energy, less bloating, a deeper detoxification, enhanced mood, reduced fluid retention, a better functioning digestive system.
  • Beach Natural Cleanse – benefits include reduce in bloating, improved digestion, aid in reducing digestive issues, weight loss, detoxification, reduced fluid retention, regulates bowel movements, easing of unsettled tummies.
  • Beach Raspberry Leaf Tea –benefits include supported function of reproductive system, reduces cramping and period pain, supports a healthy cycle, reduces morning sickness symptoms for a more enjoyable pregnancy.
  • Beach Matcha Tea–benefits include weight loss, high in antioxidants, detoxification, supports cardiovascular system function, suppresses hunger, helps the body heal.
  • Beach Glow Complexion Tea– benefits include improved skin health, reduction of acne, eczema and other skin conditions, supports hair health, promotes fresh breath, cleanses the skin, liver, urinary tract and digestive system.

Who’s this tea for?

You, your sister, your mum, your best-friend, your boyfriend, your boyfriend’s sister, your husband, your girlfriend, your wife, your cousin, your aunt, your next-door neighbour, the barista at your local coffee shop, the receptionist at your gym, your work wife, your hairdresser, your dog walker – ok so we rattled on there, but it’s for EVERYBODY! If you want to improve your quality of life and Carpe Diem it up in this b**** then you need to get some Beach Body Tea, in a cup, in your hand, ASAP!