Natural and Organic Herbal Tea

Beach Body Teas are made with the highest quality ingredients that are both 100% natural and organic – ain’t no hidden nastiest over here.

We’ve literally cut the crap and boycotted all the preservatives, additives, thickeners, gums and laxatives that fill the teas of most of our competition.

Our ingredients are sourced from reputable providers from across the world and using only herbs and plant products, our teas are vegan friendly and gluten and dairy free.

We don’t use stimulants and all of our blends except our Beach Matcha Tea are also free from any caffeine.

We’re totally transparent with our ingredients as well and you can see a full list of what each blend consists of in each of the product descriptions. And don’t hesitate to punch those ingredients into Google to see even more health benefits, because we could only cram so much onto our website.

So just in case you zoned out while reading this (which if you did, you missed some really great stuff), our ingredients are the best quality we could find, 100% natural and organic.